Route 52, Norway


This is a collection of themed galleries, showing images previously shown on my location scouting website plus images shot for myself, recently and in the past. The collections will change as I add or subtract images and galleries.

The opening collections includes:

Light and Color:  Favorite images that speak to me, perhaps because of my background as a lighting designer.

Black & White:  In the many years I worked as a location scout only once was I asked to shoot the locations in B&W.  Then a few years before I retired a client asked to see some of my on-file images in B&W.  In converting the images I became intrigued and started exploring the monochrome approach to shooting.


For years I worked as a Location Scout and Manager on a variety of media shoots, scouting and managing projects from small one-day photo shoots to large feature films.   I was also the Art Director for Comedy Central’s studio based Almost Live! tv series and Art Department Coordinator on projects such as Waiting for the Light and the premier season of Northern Exposure.

Before becoming involved in the location business I worked for many years in theater as a Production Manager, Lighting Designer, and Stage Manager.  I have a BFA in Theater Production and Design from Penn State.  I am lucky to live in Seattle, WA —- heart of the Pacific Northwest.